Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Burlesque Tuesdays

Where have I been? OOOoh that's a good question. Last week was a little too busy to post. I graduated college and had finals as well as did a lot of traveling. Sooo back to the regularly scheduled programing. Here is some costuming I made for a Lady Gaga burlesque tribute. I sewed and dyed the bottom half of the costume. Very fifth element n'est pas?

Monday, May 3, 2010

When to Know When to Stop

I think I have a major addiction. Patterns. I have more things in my to do box than I seem to have time for. I keep looking at the red dress, all the pattern pieces are cut I just have to start sewing but with my graduation less than six days away, more pressing things are at hand like papers.

Ultimately I am completely broke and since graduation is on Saturday there is no more financial aid. It is time to STOP buying fabric, thrift and patterns and just make do with what ever I have got. It was incredibly hard to pass up such a good sale and I promise I won't use this rational again until I am gainfully employed.

As I posted on Sew Retro, there was a three day sale last week with Vogue, McCalls and Butterick patterns. Vogue and Butterick was only 3.99 each and McCalls was only 1.99. Thus the unnecessary necessary buying spree.
But look at them! Five vintage vogue patterns, two very cute dresses and a stand alone jacket. I am in love just not with my pocket book. But hey $40 for 8 new patterns isn't bad... is it?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday Fashion

A little delayed...say by two hours. Okay ok I know it is not Friday anymore but I didn't have time to put this up before the hour past midnight. This whole keeping up with certain blogging days can be easy to mishandle! I did get to document my outfit today and I am very happy with my latest finds. Last weekend I was able to go to two garage/estate stores and a thrift store resulting in the $8 dollar outfit minus the stockings. I am not sure what I paid for those but I am sure they were new once. I found a size 10 pair of flat hush puppies at one estate sale and the gorgeous vintage lace skirt from another garage sale. The top is newer but thrifted.

Another gloomy Portland day!


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