Monday, April 19, 2010

The Promised Projects

I know it is a lot for one day but it hasn't been brewing for one day only. These are the pattens and projects I must complete before buying fabric, patterns, or materials for something else. I must commit. I feel like things get very pretty and I get distracted.

First up Vogue Pattern V1078. This beautiful dress require 7 yards of fabric! Luckily I am blessed with an amazing student who provided me with the perfect exact shade and stretch. I am almost done cutting out each piece only one more to go but it is a big one. After that there is a lot of gathering and sewing to be done. I will have this one done before June possibly for Vegas.

What I love about this pattern is the 30s-ish glamorous back. The only thing I am not fond of is the strapping in the front but we will see how it will turn out.

Next up we have this amazing jumper/dress. It looks great for the summer time with an easy wrap around skirt. Challenges for this dress is that it is not in my size. I need to make a muslin mock up before trying to cut up material to ensure the right fit.

I think I am going to try to find a vintage bed sheet to make this dress out of. I wish I had the same fabric as my blog background but alas I have not found it yet.

Finally the last project I am working on is trashy prom dress inspired. I found this dress at the local mall for $500. Those rhinestones aren't that nice dear! I started drawing up my own pattern and mock up. I think it looks like a good start. I need to buy some boning and experiment with the skirt and I should be ready to roll.


Vivian V. Dimples said...

Oh! They all look like wonderful projects. I am eager to see how the leopard print remake will look.

Twila Jean said...

OMFG. Can I come over and make that advance play suit pattern withyou?! Aye! So SO cute!!!!

Holly Dai said...

Um ya! Let's do it! I can't wait to make it but I must try to stick to my guns and finish one at a time!


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