Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rebuilding involves Loot

Greeeat I wrote a whole post and tried to post in on Sew Retro on accident, therefore deleting all of my work. Oops. Let's try this again. I haven't written in a bit mostly because I have been overwhelmed and without a camera. Hello iPhone! I decided that many of my burlesque outfits need a major up in quality. I will have to share the "Padam" costume when I get my next chance but for now I started to fix my Tom Waits act to "Temptation." Here is my costume with a corset I got from ebay. It has terrible acrylic rhinestones and is very recognizable as a inexpensive boudoir item. I took all of the cheap rhinestones off and put on some czech crystals that are blue zircon. I also added some blue panels to add accents. I think I might have to add more all around the corset but there is much more to be added to the costume. I am going to make new beaded tassels, add more tulle to the tutu (not pictured), and fix the falling apart matching panties.
Today my room mate and I also went to Gem Faire at the Portland Convention Center. I wish I had thought to take pictures but I forgot to be a good blogger with so much bling. There were so many $1 strands of beads and tubes that were perfect for beaded tassels and fringe. I can't wait to make more hair creations and hangy bits from my costumes. Here is some of the loot!

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