Monday, December 20, 2010

Snowflake for the Holidays

I should have really been on top of it. I mean my name is Holly Dai so shouldn't I have a solid holiday burlesque number? Well inspiration didn't hit me until 4 days before my show. If I wanted to be a snowflake I had better get started!I started by the inspiration of a headpiece. I took apart an old vegas style headdress that was falling apart. All of the fabric easily tore off and gave me a really nice easy base to work with. A few sequence and holiday trims later.....The headdress was turning out nicely, I used a ton of stiff material, wire, and a good drawing hand to finish the layout of the snowflake. I found the perfect dress the same day I knew I wanted to be a snowflake. It was a 80s dress with an ugly skirt. I cut off the skirt and covered the black accents with blue sequenced trim, it already had the rhinestones in the middle of the bow.The problem was that once I cut off the skirt, my bottom would be exposed prematurely. Luckily my roommate had decided to be the white queen from Alice in Wonderland this past Halloween but the 80s wedding dress she bought was too long to walk around in. She cut off most of the train which left me with some ruffly fabric with preexisting appliques. I sewed it up and added snaps to the corset to create the perfect removable bustle.
Almost done! I added glitter and blue trim around the headdress and all I needed was to reuse some undergarments from another act and voila! I had the perfect Vegas snowflake costume for the season.

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