Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have finally finished most of this act after beginning it last January. Last year I really wanted a swing to fly across the stage. I created a costume based of a rockettes costume. Although it was a neat idea, the costume was hurried and poorly made. It was also very unflattering in pictures. I decided to change the bra an underwear and have a matching upholstered swing.My honey helped me get the furniture nails just right. I also added a little something to the bottom by cutting out felt and gluing it right to the fabric. Because the stage is so high, when I swing out you can see the underneath side very easily. Someday I might rhinestone it!I also hand made the bra and underwear for this costume. I was trying to submit the video for a deadline of a festival and my rhinestones did not come in till after. Here is a picture of the lingerie with rhinestones. The pasties are also now super sparkly as well! Recently I performed with Orchestra L'Pow. I will have performance pictures in my costume soon!

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